cocaineeyeliner (cocaineeyeliner) wrote in glamvanity,

Slut me Open

[three favorite bands]Orgy,The Faint,Sopor Aeternus
[one lyric that sums you up the best]I'm sorry not one lyric could ever sum me up,I'm too "deep",I don't want to sound cocky though,so don't get that impression. I just think that I'm so many different things,that One lyric could sum me up.
[how you found us]Someone promoted in my LJ
[what is your favorite lj community?]thedoll_house
[why do you think you should be accepted into *glamvanity*]Well I'll post lots of pictures. I have fun make-up and hair most of the time. That's really all rating communities are about.
[post at least three pictures (no nudity)]

I make fun birthday cakes for my friends,and this is me looking more "casual"

Sorry for so many pics. I told you I'd post alot.
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