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we're starting theme's a little early, just for the sake of keeping this alive! I understand some of you are upset that we're auto accepting FIVE people, but if you'd promo we wouldn't have to. I'm sorry if you're upset, but the more applicants we get, then sooner we'll start voting again.

Elaborate, and dark, unique and flamboyant, from hair to make-up; We're looking for the most creative outfit out there. It dosen't matter what subculture, just make it interesting. Please make all posts of relatively NEW photo's, and avoid nudity. This is after all, about clothes. The theme starts as of this moment and is finished in two weeks at midnight. All submissions will be put in one large post and voted on, comments are screened. The winner will be member of the month and their winning theme picture will be used on the info page, until the next theme is voted on.
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