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Glam Vanity

[glam vanity].[beautiful whores]
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=general information=

this is a RATING community
if you do not want to be ripped open, slit apart and eaten alive, dont join.

we suggest our sister community glitterwhores for everyone else.

Only stamped members may post and vote.
you become a stamped member by being voted in based on
your survey and the pictures you post in your application.

=the rules=

[x] you must post pictures within two days of joining or you will be removed.
Post one picture visibly and the rest under a lj-cut.
If you dont know how, educate yourself here.

[x] you must be at least 15. It is just creepy for us to rate younger people than that.

[x] nudity is NOT ALLOWED in application.

[x] title your post "slut me open" to prove that you have read the rules and understand the requirements.

=the application=

failure to follow these simple instructions can result in editing the post, denying membership or being banned.

you have been notified of the rules and are choosing to apply on your own will.
if we tear you apart and make you cry, its your own damn fault.


The rules for the challenges can be found here. Do not post a challenge and not read the rules. Also do not altar the challenge form in anyway.


(more coming soon)
.doing the theme= 10 points
.picture post= 5 points per picture
.do a challenge= 10 points
.winning a challenge= 20 points
.having one of your idea's used to better the comm.= 5 points
.promoting (can not be in a promo community and can not be in a locked entry)= 5 points per link
.making a banner/stamp= 5 points per
.giving a theme idea= 5 points


coming soon


if you are denied membership you may try again within two weeks with different pictures.
If you post the same unattractive pictures you will be deleted and banned.


Congratulations! The tables have now turned and YOU have the power.
Vote on all new applications - a simply yes or no is mandatory in the subject and body, but explanations are preferred.

If you are accepted, whenever posting here, please title it STAMPED.

Accepted members are profiled in the userinfo and everyone must have a 100x100 clear headshot pic posted.
If you would like a specific 100x100 pic of you to be used, please let us know. Otherwise we will make one to be used.

Tasteful nudity is acceptable by accepted members as long as it is behind the lj-cut and has a warning.

The Members


Elaborate, and dark, unique and flamboyant, from hair to make-up; We're looking for the most creative outfit out there. It dosen't matter what subculture, just make it interesting. Please make all posts of relatively NEW photo's, and avoid nudity. This is after all, about clothes. The theme starts as of this moment and is finished in two weeks at midnight. All submissions will be put in one large post and voted on, comments are screened. The winner will be member of the month and their winning theme picture will be used on the info page, until the next theme is voted on.

=Sister Communities=

glitterwhores reliable_fury
drowned_d0llies zombie_parts

Whore this community out! It doesnt mean nearly as much that you are part of this community if it isnt flourishing and busy. Placing a link to us in your userinfo is the easiest way.

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